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    Parodentosan, "le duo imbattable". BON DE COMMANDE

    Paro Komp

    Safescraper, votre outil indispensable pour collecter de l'os.  BON DE COMMANDE

    Komp. Safe

    Fixation des membranespour un succès garanti. BON DE COMMANDE

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  • International exchange

    Since January Geistlich customers have been able to let other people have their best publications, clinical cases or a statement under the slogan "Key to Success".

    What is the key to successful treatment? What tips and tricks are of use in everyday practice? What practices are backed up by literature data?
    At Geistlich customers throughout the world can confer about publications, techniques and materials.

    Thus far 458 contributions from Brazil to France and Peru have been uploaded from 11 countries. Leading the pack are Brazil, China and Italy. The 70 clinical cases, in particular, documented with photos or videos and from all therapy areas from Guided Bone Regeneration through Sinus Floor Elevation to Guided Tissue Regeneration provide abundant material to comb through.

    Everyone is welcome to share their own experience and their own particular keys to successful regenerative treatment with others at

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