Karr Dental AG unterstützt den Charity Event von Dr. Ueli Grunder am 6. April 2017 im Kaufleuten Festsaal in Zürich.

Mit Dr. Konrad Meyenberg & Dr. Christian Ramel, Prof. Dr. Ronald Jung & Dr. Stefan Bienz, Dr. Claude Andreoni & Dr. Julien Kirchhoff, PD Dr. David Schneider & ZTM Daniel Pally konnten hochkarätige Referenten-Teams gewonnen werden. Charity Event Dr. Grunder
Die Einnahmen der Veranstaltung gehen vollumfänglich an die Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe - registrieren Sie sich also am besten noch heute!

“Cell-to-Cell Communication: Guided Bone Regeneration” is a masterful animation movie from Quintessence Publishing Group. Geistlich Biomaterials supported the production and now offers an exclusive short version.

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Invisible to the human eye, Guided Bone Regeneration takes place in the microcosm of the cells. What tasks are performed by osteoblasts, osteoclasts, pericytes, thrombocytes, fibroblasts and all the other cells? How do they communicate among themselves?

A recently published study with 10 yrs of data shows that autologous bone blocks resorb only minimally if they are protected by a slowly resorbing bone substitute and a collagen membrane.1

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Bone blocks harvested from the retromolar region or the chin are the gold standard for the regeneration of large horizontal bone atrophies. The advantages: mechanical stability and the ability to stimulate new bone formation. Major disadvantages, however, are donor site morbidity and the marked resorption of the graft in situ. The literature describes resorption rates between 18 and 60 percent.2-8

The next EAO congress will be taking place from 29 September to 1 October 2016, this time in Paris. Stability, inflamed extraction sockets and peri-implantitis will each be headlining the Geistlich symposium and Geistlich hands-on workshops.

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Stability is key to achieving successful outcomes in bone and soft tissue regeneration. But how to achieve stability? How can biomaterials contribute to a stable environment? Prof. Ronald Jung, Switzerland, will answer these key questions in the Geistlich symposium at the EAO congress on Thursday morning. 

Prof. Frank Schwarz, Germany, is going to tackle another key topic in both his symposium lecture and his practical workshop: peri-implantitis. Where are the limitations of non-surgical therapy? How is advanced peri-implantitis to be treated?